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The government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) today released its State of the Climate in 2009, saying a detailed review of 10 climate indicators points out that "global warming is undeniable." The indicators, from surface and sea-surface temperatures to measurements of heat content in the oceans and sea levels, have all trended higher. Moreover, in the past 30 years, each decade has gotten warmer with the 2000's being the warmest on record. "The NOAA Report, in confirming the certainty and severity of climate change, is a call to action for policymakers, business leaders and individuals to reduce our climate impact," said Eric Carlson, President, Carbonfund.org. "What makes this report compelling is that it shows the problem is far greater than rising sea levels and heat waves. World food supplies, public health and the viability of many populated areas are also in jeopardy." Over 300 scientists from 48 countries analyzed the climate data. "When we follow decade-to-decade trends using multiple data sets and independent analyses from around the world, we see clear and unmistakable signs of a warming world," said Dr. Peter Stott, contributor to the report and head of climate monitoring and attribution at the UK Met Office Hadley Centre. NOAA has issued a video summarizing the report and an executive summary. You can also download the full report. Read about how you can reduce your climate impact here, and support innovative, third-party validated projects that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="192" caption="El Mosote Co-op"][/caption] Who would have thought that beautiful jewelry, handbags, and other novelties could be created from trash such as discarded tires, leather scraps, metal parts, and old magazines? Carbonfund.org partner Revy Fair Trade Products is doing just that, with the help of local co-ops in El Salvador. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Neuva Creacion Co-op"][/caption] The Central American nation is still recovering from a long civil war. Exploitation of workers, child labor and environmental degradation have been common practices in such developing countries, but Revy Fair Trade Products is trying to change this. The company supports the fair trade mission by providing secure jobs and paying fair wages to individuals in each co-op. These co-ops have in turn made a commitment to sustainability; they are taking materials that would otherwise become waste and turning them into unique crafts. Recycling and reusing materials is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. Click here to learn more ways you can lower your own footprint and check out Revy Fair Trade Products for one-of-a-kind gifts!
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5 Reasons You'll Find Good Eats at Moe's...

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  1. All of the ingredients used in meals are free of trans fats and MSG.
  2. Each meal is made fresh to order (as opposed to pre-prepared and reheated).
  3. Moe’s Southwest Grill does not use microwaves or freezers in its kitchens, which cuts down its energy usage significantly.
  4. Keeping in mind that eating less meat can considerably reduce a person’s carbon footprint, Moe’s menu offers a variety of vegetarian options. In fact, Moe’s won the 2008 Proggy Award for Best Vegetarian Mexican Restaurant.
  5. Moe’s Southwest Grill has demonstrated its commitment to create a better environment by supporting renewable energy production with the purchase of Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) through Carbonfund.org.
Individuals can support renewable energy projects by clicking here. Want to find your nearest Moe's Southwest Grill? Check out Moe's restaurant finder.
A gem in southwest Florida, Earth and Spirit Garden Gallery is the place to go for sustainable products and living. The store offers a wide variety of local artwork from over 35 artisans, making it easy to beautify your home and help the local arts community. From certified fair trade items to reusable shopping bags, Earth & Spirit also has what you need to lead a more sustainable life. Look for their certified organic produce this fall. Moreover, Earth & Spirit will be a location for Worden Farm harvest members to pick-up goods. Joining a community-supported agriculture farm is a way to get delicious, locally-produced food and cut your carbon footprint. If you’re in the area, be sure to sign up here and pick your food up at Earth & Spirit.
To some, experiencing luxury is part of life. Think Green Limousine, a Chicago-based company, believes it can make luxury more sustainable. The company substantiates this through its green initiatives. The company’s fleet of vehicles features the latest fuel-efficiency technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. Going a step further, the company offsets emissions that it can't reduce in support of third-party validated carbon reduction projects, including renewable energy. Think Green Limousine offers airport transfers, point-to-point service and hourly reservations for occasions as varied as business meetings, birthdays, homecoming, proms and weddings. Please take the initiative to offset your own travel emissions by clicking here.
Typically when we think of summer vacation, we think of beaches and the ocean. This summer, why not try something new? Spirit Walker Expeditions offers guided wilderness adventures in southeast Alaska. You can get closer to nature by kayaking through Alaskan waters and marvel at the beautiful surroundings in Point Adolphus, Glacier Bay, Myriad Islands and other locations. Spirit Walker Expeditions provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences for many customers. In the company’s own words, "Our goal is to protect and preserve wilderness areas, to educate our guests about environmentally sound camping techniques, and educate the public about the ecology of nature through quality guided wilderness trips." Spirit Walker Expeditions offers affordable vacations, day trips, and custom trips as well. Visit their website to see the full 2010 schedule. When traveling, you can reduce the climate impact of your trip with these helpful suggestions and offset your travel emissions in support of third-party validated carbon reduction projects. Learn more by clicking here.
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Running Community Grows with More 5K & 10K Events

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Running's getting more popular in fitness routines in part because of 5K and 10K runs. Just in the Washington, DC area the Washington Running Report lists many such races. They can be great opportunities to plan a day or weekend around without becoming exhausted. In the DC area, a great place to get ready for a race is Pacers. It's not just a running store, but a community. Pacers Running Stores have several locations in the DC metro area. They provide running and walking footwear, apparel, accessories and nutrition products. Their website highlights upcoming races, including 5 & 10K events as well as marathons and triathlons, and is strong on connecting racers with each other through social media, including twitter, facebook, YouTube and more. Pacers also has an iPhone app, which keeps you informed about events while you're on-the-go. Pacers also is active in the community, supporting causes like the fight against global warming by partnering with Carbonfund.org to collect donations from the community. You can learn more about Pacers at www.runpacers.com, and learn how you or your business can also support Carbonfund.org by visiting our website.