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Linda Kelly

Seeking leaders with a unique combination of business acumen, innovation and environmental conscience? Enlist the expertise of the executive search professionals with Haywood Search, LLC. Haywood Search is a generalist boutique search firm with a successful track record across a wide range of industries and executive placements. Through their commitment to learning their clients’ business demands and challenges, and bringing clients the executive talent that drives growth and profitability, Haywood Search establishes long-term relationships with their clients and delivers the highest level of consultative executive search services in the industry. Susan Hay, co-founder and Managing Partner at Haywood Search LLC, brings extensive experience in the executive search field, as well as personal experience holding several key positions in human resources management for major national corporations. Susan's commitment to passing on a healthy environment to the next generation and to issues of sustainable and fair business practices are strongly integrated with her work. She resides in New Hampshire with her family, and she is a Board Member for Land For Good - a non-profit organization committed to keeping New England's working land working. Carrie Wood, co-founder and Managing Partner at Haywood Search LLC., spent 20 years helping to grow Virgin Atlantic Airways, learning from the master of entrepreneurs, Sir Richard Branson. She brings her career-long passion for people and service excellence to her work in executive recruiting. Having lived in rural Bangladesh as a child, and been inspired by Sir Branson's environmental leadership, Carrie believes that strong business results can be successfully combined with social and environmental responsibility. Carrie is committed to urban cycling as a method of transportation and when outside of the city, enjoys wilderness hiking and backpacking. Haywood Search carries the firm’s environmental consciousness into its daily operations. Because their work requires face-to-face meetings with both clients and with potential candidates, Haywood Search has committed to offset the carbon impact of their travels by partnering with the They manage office operations with great attention to their environmental footprint and continually seek ways to reduce any negative environmental impact. To learn more about the expertise and customized executive search services, please contact Haywood Search. proudly announces the launch of its “Heroes and Mamas” campaign to help exceptional servicemen and women send flowers this Mother’s Day.  Recent victories in the war on terror stand as a testament of the bravery and diligence of United States’ active-duty military men and women, and there is much cause for celebration.   Throughout times of war and peace, much is still required of these individuals, preventing them from experiencing the full joy of reconnecting with loved ones. The “Heroes & Mamas” campaign, run through Facebook, will remind people that servicemen and women remain in harm’s way on a daily basis, and that we must always be aware and thankful for their continued service – especially on Mother’s Day. co-founder Mark Benjamin explains, “The world’s finest warriors don’t simply materialize from thin air, they are the products of Moms who nurture and support their development every step of the way. We’re hoping to help some very tough individuals convey tender sentiments to the women who’ve always had their backs.” Participation begins May 1st . Change your Facebook profile picture to the Mothers’ Day image found on FlowerPetal’s Facebook Page. For each profile picture change, will donate $1 toward a flower fund used to deliver flowers to the mothers of select servicemen and women during the week of Mother’s Day. Here's how easy it is: 1. Change your profile picture to the hero image below. (Select “Save image as” and “Edit My Profile >> Profile Picture” in Facebook) 2. Let the folks at know you made the change by sharing a thankful message to U.S. heroes on their Facebook Wall. (They’ll be including some of the messages in the gift packages) 3. Share this page with friends and family so we can make a large impact! 4. Treat yourself to a 20% discount at using the code "HEROES" upon purchase to brighten the life of a loved one About - Founded in 2003, is the service leader in online flower delivery. prides itself on paying its 100% American workforce a living wage and on being a conscious steward of planet Earth by offsetting all carbon associated with its flower deliveries. The recipient of many industry awards for satisfaction and value, continues to strive toward creating a more enjoyable experience for its customers. delivers flowers in all 50 states and Canada. This blog is reposted from a press release:
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Grow Your Business in 2012 with gravitytank

As the New Year approaches, many businesses are re-evaluating their business strategies to achieve stronger results in 2012. And many of these businesses seek out a consulting partner to help make their plans a reality. gravitytank is an innovation consultancy that helps clients grow their businesses, define breakthrough products and services, enter new markets and strengthen their positions. Clients come to gravitytank to do things like clarify customers’ needs, reinvigorate a brand, or disrupt an industry. The consulting professionals at gravitytank ask productive questions and pursue meaningful answers—uncovering what people truly need and want. They have a bias for action—making ideas tangible to learn from them and building the conviction necessary to sustain new thinking. Gravitytank clients’ success is evident in the marketplace—new $100 million brand platforms, renewed growth in declining businesses, and record new product sales.  “We’ve been called partners, vendors and collaborators, but mostly, we’re called again,” declares the gravitytank website. Over 90% of their clients work with gravitytank a second and third time because they consider the relationship to be a competitive advantage in their differentiation and success. Gravitytank maintains a focus on environmental responsibility and sustainable operations as well. They use for annual business travel emissions offsetting, purchase only green cleaning supplies, recycle all paper, participate in Chicago’s recycling service, and turn off lights in unused spaces. “We are committed to sustainable practices here at gravitytank and the site is by far the easiest to use among all carbon offset and reduction organizations,” states Erin Huizenga, Lead - Business Development/Marketing at gravitytank. If your business needs to rethink its brand, image or marketing strategies, join the successful companies that have partnered with gravitytank to enhance their business success.
If you’re like most “green” consumers, you want to buy the healthiest products for your family and for the environment, but you get trapped in the maze of figuring out which products actually meet those criteria.  Now, two marketing firms have partnered to inspire consumers and retailers to create a better system for helping us navigate the shopping aisles. [caption id="attachment_10257" align="alignright" width="206" caption="100% Eco Friendly - According to whom? "][/caption] Health and eco-consumers are interested in one universal green score to help them make sustainable product buying decisions, according to a new survey from shopper marketing and industry insight experts Ryan Partnership Chicago and Mambo Sprouts Marketing. The One Green Score for One Earth sustainability research white paper focuses on rating and scoring product sustainability as a means of sparking the conversation around standards for the industry.  The white paper reveals that shoppers would increase sustainable product spending if only they could determine which products were truly green and which had been simply “green-washed”. The research was not intended to create a sustainability scoring system, but to inspire stakeholders to come together to create it, as well as influence what a Sustainability Score might look like and how it could be communicated to deliver the information shoppers need to make confident sustainable product purchase decisions. It is their collective opinion that it’s not a matter of if a universal product sustainability score or a series of scores/standards will be established, but a matter of when. What would a sustainability score look like? What would shoppers want to know? How do they make sustainable product purchase decisions? What factors do they value and how do they weigh them? What should a product sustainability score measure? Shoppers responded loud and clear – no matter how invested they are in buying sustainability – a numerical score would be most useful in communicating product sustainability. While there is some interest in the other creative ways of displaying the information, three out of four consumers clearly prefer a number rating score. Three key sustainability market changes are predicted: 1. Shoppers will devote a larger share of their spending to products and stores that are able to convince them of their sustainability claims. 2. Shopper sensitivity to green washing (misleading shoppers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service) will intensify and consumers will demand an accurate way of understanding and comparing sustainability across products, companies and retailers. 3. Brands and retailers will increasingly focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit–the key pillars that inspire sustainability), and strive to provide their customers with this sustainability information. One Green Score for One Earth is the first in a series of sustainability research white papers Ryan Partnership Chicago and Mambo Sprouts Marketing will publish to assist brand marketers and retailers in communicating sustainability to consumers.  The research project seeks to simplify and scale sustainability without losing its meaning or relevance, and includes a range of consumers in the study representing shades of “green” weighted towards “core” sustainability shoppers.  The study helps to identify which factors characterized as “sustainable” carry the most weight with these shoppers, as these elements have the highest likelihood of influencing purchase decisions and fostering comprehensive change.  To download a copy of the first white paper, click here. About the Partners Ryan Partnership Chicago is a leading expert in promotion, shopper and digital marketing campaigns for emerging and established consumer brands. The company’s creative professionals combine sound, strategic research and business acumen to create meaningful IDEAS that motivate purchase and loyalty among its clients’ products, services and customers. Ryan’s unparalleled expertise originates from its extensive, proprietary research that yields some of the industry’s deepest insights into consumers, categories, retailers, and shopper behavior. This knowledge is leveraged to consistently drive competitive market positioning and ROI. The agency is a creative powerhouse, recently tripling in size with its breakthrough ideas and campaigns for clients such as Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Energizer Personal Care, Bel Brands USA, and Chaco. Ryan Partnership Chicago is a part of Ryan Partnership, the largest independent marketing services company in North America and a subsidiary of D.L. Ryan Companies, Ltd. For a complete listing of services, please visit Mambo Sprouts Marketing, headquartered in Collingswood, New Jersey, develops and executes online, retail and direct mail promotions, and market research programs targeted at health, natural and organic products consumers. In existence since 1996, the company was created when its founders recognized the lack of educational materials and discounts available to health and natural products consumers. It has since grown into a full-scale marketing agency with programs that benefit health and eco consumers, manufacturers and retailers. Leading the health and wellness marketplace through its MamboTrack research data trends and insight, Mambo Sprouts Marketing is a respected resource throughout the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) industry. For more information, please visit
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What are You Doing to Go Green?

It’s a question we’re all seeing, reading and hearing, but are we answering it?  Virtually every company is now considering what environmental sustainability means to their markets and business. Many companies have already taken aggressive steps and many more are considering when they should begin and how to get started. Your company may be one of these. Malk Sustainability Partners, LLC (MSP) can help you develop a strong answer to this question that is relevant to your business. MSP partners with traditional companies to incorporate environmental sustainability into strategy in ways which strengthen competitive positioning and improve the bottom line. MSP’s approach helps businesses ensure that they reap the rewards of a proactive environmental strategy and early action. Typical benefits include direct savings in operational expenses, reduced risks associated with environmental mismanagement, and a premium in brand value and customer loyalty.

So how does it work? Well, it depends on your business’s needs. Let’s say you’re running a successful telecom business. You’re an innovator in your field, but let’s face it, it’s a pretty big field. You think you’re doing okay on the green front since you’ve incorporated efficiency from a cost perspective, but that’s where MSP comes in and brings you to the next level. In one example, MSP worked with a telecom company to pursue global best practices in sustainability, bringing environmental consciousness to all levels of the operation. As a result, the telecom company is now a sustainability leader in its market and standing out in a big, green way from the competition. And MSP takes their environmental commitment seriously, with concerted efforts to manage and reduce their own operation’s carbon footprint, and to partner with to offset emissions from their office energy use and frequent trans-global flights to meet with partners in Asia. If you need to answer the question about what your business is doing to go green, let the experienced professionals at Malk Sustainability Partners lead you through their four steps to the answer that’s right for you.
We incite insight. That's the motto of Green Grid Analytics and Strategy Group LLC, and they mean it. The Green Grid Group is passionate about helping organizations get excited about learning how to build a sustainable future.

The Group focuses on working with organizations that deliver services and solutions to promote home energy efficiency, sustainable living, renewable energy, animal habitat conservation, climate impact management, and related areas. Or, as founder Steven Silverman likes to put it, “We believe that we are responsible for keeping our world safe, healthy and possible for future generations.”

Here's how it works: The Green Grid Group provides a conduit through which companies can study, understand and analyze consumers in the growing home efficiency and sustainability marketplace. Their technology tools bring companies closer to their customers, especially those who are already inclined to change their own behavior, increase conservation and improve home efficiency. [caption id="attachment_7244" align="alignleft" width="234" caption="58% of consumers project they will invest in Home Efficiency in 2010"][/caption] Green Grid views its role in today’s marketplace as identifying those consumers who are already inclined to change their own behavior to address issues like global climate change and help them to take action. They work with organizations whose missions increase conservation, reduce energy demand and costs, and reduce the human activity that may be driving climate change. Green Grid provides these sustainably-minded companies with information about and access to customers who want to change, aiding the organizations to make the greatest impact possible on helping consumers to change their behavior. As a new partner with, Green Grid Analytics and Strategy Group LLC “walk the walk.” Their choice to offset the business emissions from their own operations reflects their overall commitment to pursuing sustainable business practices and environmentally sound decisions. Learn more about their innovative market research and consulting at
As the world “shrinks” and global travel and commerce continue to expand, it’s becoming even more important to understand other cultures, learn languages and be prepared to become a global citizen. The Center for International Studies (CIS) helps students experience the world through its wide range of education and internship programs. CISabroad is committed to giving the best value in study abroad, focusing on affordability, support, cultural immersion and academic relevance for each student. The mission of CIS is to provide innovative education programs that broaden academic perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for participants to become engaged world citizens. The organization is built on the values of integrity, commitment, citizenship, innovation, knowledge, responsiveness, and collaboration. Being mindful of human impact on the Earth's natural resources, CIS is also committed to leading by example in integrating environmental awareness and responsibility into their daily operations and overseas programs. As part of these efforts, CIS has developed a “Green Your Study Abroad” program, with country-specific Green Guides that help students learn about the environmental issues, conservation efforts, volunteer opportunities and green living and travel tips in their new location. CIS also emphasizes the availability of environmental studies courses to its students. CIS has also created a Green Scholarship program for students who choose to participate in at least two green volunteer opportunities while overseas. To qualify, students simply need to apply for the scholarship program, blog about their green volunteer experience while overseas, and conduct a presentation about their experience upon returning home. For their part, CIS maintains the following green initiatives: • Offset the CO2 emissions generated from students’ roundtrip flights for all CIS programs with The CO2 generated is neutralized by supporting the positive action taken by the projects that supports to reduce emissions, such as reforestation and alternative energy development. Last year, this was the equivalent of 2,000 tons of carbon; that’s like taking 200 Hummers off the road! • Reuse and recycle as much as possible of the office paper and supplies used by the CIS staff • Encourage staff to follow green travel tips – renting hybrid cars, sharing hotel rooms • Purchase office materials from green, local sources using biodegradable and high post-consumer-waste recycled content. CIS offers semester and summer study abroad programs and internships on six continents, with scholarships and financial aid programs, pre-departure counseling and ongoing student support to ensure that students succeed in their study/intern abroad experience. For more information, contact a CISabroad Advisor today.
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Green Apple Supply Helps Consumers Go Green

As a consumer, making the choice to “go green” is not hard, but to do so cost-effectively can be overwhelming. In a time where ‘green’ labels are the fad, often the eco-friendly choices provided to the public are more expensive than the average person can afford. Enter Green Apple Supply, a new non-profit online source for eco-friendly school, home and office supplies at super-low costs, making it easier for anyone to purchase Earth-friendly products.  Green Apple Supply partners with customers to educate them about eco-friendly options and the advantages of making environmentally sound decisions. Green Apple Supply views high costs for sustainable goods as a roadblock to consumers making the ethical choices in the checkout lane. That is why Green Apple utilizes the popularity of ‘buying green’ to the environment’s advantage. By supplying eco-friendly items at prices people can afford, the website hopes to encourage and teach people to take the next steps in making more Earth-conscious choices. By utilizing economies of scale, wholesale purchasing power, and personal product experience, Green Apple Supply endeavors to make it easier for anyone to purchase Earth-friendly products. The people who work at Green Apple Supply are normal people. They aren’t scientists or environmental biologists. They ARE the average consumer. It just so happened that they have a passion for making their own lives more earth-friendly, and in the process, are trying to help other people navigate that complicated world. So when choosing products, they not only consider how it affects the environment but whether its use can be incorporated into a person’s everyday life. The objective is a small step approach to environmentalism: to be the segue from environmental consumerism to sustainable living. Green Apple Supply’s concept to use wholesale purchasing power helps to create a society that can afford to live green. By making eco-friendly products readily available and affordable, consumers can start to see how making ethical choices regarding the environment is practical and convenient. Consumers can make small changes in their lives, like buying sustainable products to reinvent a better future for the world. Green Apple Supply also chose to partner with, in order to offset its own operational emissions and to assure customers of its environmental responsibility. “As an eco-friendly business, we are committed to providing our customers with a carbon neutral shopping experience. is just what we were looking for!” - Stephanie K. Tobor, President of Green Apple Supply
The Goldeneye Winery is dedicated to the production of world class Pinot Noir wines. It is located in the heart of Anderson valley along the migratory pathway of the common Goldeneye duck. In 1990, after nearly fifteen years of making world-class Bordeaux style wines, Dan and Margaret Duckhorn of Duckhorn Wine Company embraced their growing passion for Pinot Noir. Their vision for Goldeneye was simple: to craft a distinctively California Pinot Noir of equal stature to their acclaimed Duckhorn Vineyards Merlot. By focusing on the careful cultivation of its estate vineyards, Goldeneye has been able to grow, while still remaining true to its philosophy of being a small, quality-driven winery. To maintain the integrity of each vineyard block and to allow for flexibility in the final blend, Goldeneye harvests, barrel ages and vinifies each lot separately. In addition, Goldeneye practices crop sensitivity with vertical shoot positioning and a dedication to low yields, as low as two tons per acre. Goldeneye cultivates extracted, elegant fruit. The goal is to fashion a wine that expresses the depth and character of the Anderson Valley. Founded on a commitment to quality, Goldeneye brings the tradition of viticultural excellence established by Duckhorn Vineyards in the NapaValley to the Pinot Noirs of the Anderson Valley. With each new vintage, Goldeneye continues its evolution toward becoming one of the world's premier producers of Pinot Noir. The Goldeneye Winery offers vineyard tours, wine tasting experiences, and special events, as well as online shopping. Goldeneye winery is committed to supporting organizations that foster a sense of understanding and increase the overall awareness of educational, environmental and health related issues. The diverse population and landscape of the Mendocino coast of California provides the winery with a remarkable amount of opportunity to make a difference to the local community. To this end, the Goldeneye winery has earned the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council®. The Duckhorns have been working towards this goal for many years and are one of only three wineries in California to earn this distinction. This honor is a testament to the thoughtful relationship they have built with the valley, and their commitment to making ever-better wines from its grapes. The Foundation is proud to have assisted Goldeneye Winery achieve its LEED Gold certification through their purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from to complete the LEED certification requirements.
Live in the Spokane Washington/Coeur d’Alene Idaho area and in need of someone to check up on your business, home or personal property?   You may want to talk to Joe. GoJoe Patrol provides clients with only one thing–The highest quality mobile security patrolling. It’s all they do and they do it very well. GoJoe Patrolmen visit and check on your property on a set schedule or at irregular intervals, especially at night, on weekends and holidays. The main service GoJoe Patrol provides is deterrence to theft and vandalism of your property. Their goal is to dissuade perpetrators from even thinking about messing with your property. An experienced team of dispatchers, utilizing a high-tech, GPS-guided tracking system, controls GoJoe Patrol activities. This system gives GoJoe Patrolmen and their clients access to reports that confirm the premises have been checked, along with the status of each occurrence.  GPS Insight enables Joe to monitor and dispatch patrol vehicles via a web-based system, using satellite-tracked locators and 3D Google Maps identifiers, 24/7. This mobile patrol technology makes GoJoe Patrol, better, faster and more in control of keeping eyes on the security of your property. GPS Insight gives you better response time, more accurate billing, and reduces our carbon footprint… all great things that only Joe offers you. And the unique look of GoJoe patrol vehicles sends a message. It doesn’t take long for criminals or misfits to learn that when “Joe will be watching”, there's someplace better for them to be. Beyond keeping your property safe and secure, Joe is interested in making sure that their vehicle emissions don't contribute to air quality issues or climate change. GoJoe Patrol’s fleet consists of 2011 Chevy Camaros. The performance of these vehicles helps everyone (except criminals) breathe easier. To offset any hit to the environment, Joe has committed the company to reducing their carbon footprint through partnership with, using their carbon credits to assist energy efficiency projects, the reduction of industrial pollutants, the destruction of landfill methane, and the promotion of renewable energy projects. Life isn’t always fair. But Joe will do everything he can to balance the security scales in your favor.
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