Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reforestation Initiative


Location: USA
Project type: Reforestation Project
Standard: American Carbon Registry
Verification/Validation: Environmental Services, Inc. 

Environmental Benefits

  • Mitigates climate change
  • Restores watershed alongside Mississippi River
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Restores wildlife habitat

Community Benefits

  • Local employment
  • Improved area for recreational activities and tourism
Project Description

The Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Reforestation Initiative aims to reforest at least one million acres throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois. Considered North America's rainforest, this region is a vital habitat for migratory birds and numerous plant and animal species. The project will also sequester CO2 emissions. Previously encompassing 22 million acres of temperate forest, the region now holds only four million acres of unfarmed forestland.